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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dining Table Revamp Ideas

I need some inspiration from you guys...I just bought this dining set and have a million ideas running through my head. What is a DIYer to do? Well that's why I'm asking you. So please by all means SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
Look at the details in the chairs. I just love it!


  1. Oh, just had a thought, a flamingo theme...with the design in the chairs, kinda has that "flamingo legs" look...top could have a beachy shoreline, with a palmtree or two vignette style on the sides, some water/sky impressionistic background and a flamingo or 2 as the focal point...I saw a set with a bear family scene painted on the table top, it was so cool

  2. lol Penny Lane. Debbie that would be nice too...I will keep them in mind. Thanks for the feedback... I just love to see comments.