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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let Me Introduce "Miss Thang" To You That Do Not Know Her

A few days ago I posted on a page and got some really bad comments referring my name on facebook. The post was in reference to a "sonic bomb" type episode that happened in our area and a couple more states that surrounding Ga, where I live... anywho I asked for help to get answers to what it was and of course it started from there. I was floored at the comment I receive from a lady about my name "Staci "Miss Thang" Tindall. She told me I needed to change my name if I wanted to be taken serious and that I needed to represent myself self better than that and that I also don't need to "flaunt my stuff" WOW. This lady does not know me and all I could do was laugh after getting upset over nothing. I was wanting to explain the middle name but then found myself thinking if I was to put "I use this name for my business" she would had really had a ball with it.

So, I thought I would introduce my side kick "Miss Thang"
She is creative, talented and loves some JUNK in her trunk and holds her weight well. She is a very friendly gal and loves representing The Pink Flamingo Trash to Treasure and love all things equally. She has feelings and loves to make people laugh and loves to see new fans on her Facebook page. She also loves comments on her blog here. She would also like to give a BIG thanks to all her followers her on blogspot page.

This is who she is, and to all the haters and people with no sense of humor well, they can kiss her flip flop wearing, sweet tea drinking, curb side junking behind... Oh, yeah, did I mention she is, who she is and loves people who can speak their minds and doesn't get offended when she speak hers also.

Much love to you all!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is a coming!

I know my ticker on the right says 5 more day til spring but I so had to share this .... Hope you like it as much as i do? I see a sign in my future.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dining Table Upcycle.. Early Stages..hehehehe

These are the Before Chairs
These are the After

Bringing sexy back...Yep!

A little touch of distressing makes it better