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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whimsical Wed: Art Show off

Whimsical Wed is for all you art guru"s. It's something new that I'm trying to get involved with and would love to see your art pieces. If you have a piece you would like to be featured on my Blog please comment and I will post your item. I have done a couple of pieces myself and of course we are always our worst critic and I am still in the learning process of mastering this wonderful art. So, if you are willing to share your art, I an will to post it here on the "The Pink Flamingo".

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to make your Own "Grab My Button"

First thing to do is find you a picture or if you already have a loge that's fine too. Make sure you download it in a program like photobucket so you will have a URL code for the image. Or if you want to use a pic from the web, then all you have to do is right click on the photo and click on property and copy the URL code of that pic.

Next step
This is the code you will use to post on your blog.
Here is an example

don't get scared, all you do is replace the high lighted section with your info. Make sure you stay between the quotations.

Next step involves the use of Photobucket, if you don’t have a Photobucket account, go get one, and upload your image now. Once you have uploaded your image click on it, select the "direct link" option. replace the high lighted section with your image code. remember to stay in the quotations.

and that's all folks, you now have a "Grab Button" to place on your blog and for others to use on theirs.

If you have any question PLEASE comment and I will try my best to help.

Tip: after you make your code, save it on your computer so you can use it for other projects

The Picker Sister's

If you love turning Trash into Treasure, you do not want to miss this show. I am in love with the ideas that Tanya and Tracy come up with. They travel the world and go through peoples trash. Now who wouldn't love that job? I know, I would! The photo above is just one of my favorites the sister's have come up with. They also have some amazing tips on their site, so check them out. You can thank me later or you can leave me a comment.

Click Here The Picker Sister's

Their show airs every Tuesday at 10pm Et on Lifetime

Blog Swap

If you are interested in swapping blogs then "Grab My Button" to the right, post it to your blog and I will then grab Your Button. If you do not have a button I will feature you in my "favorites link" or I can explain how you can get a button... So let spread the word and help each other...Just leave a comment along with the link to your blog that it has been done...Thanks

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is "Willie Mae"

This is one of my favorites so far today. This chair was beat up and the slats in the seat section were missing but, you know me I kept the slats too...hehehe anyhoo I painted the chair a pretty agua color, put a plant in it and here ya go...now something that would have been thrown in the trash is now sitting pretty in a section off my yard. Her name is "Willie Mae" after my grandmother that I so dearly miss. Hope you enjoy.

You call my people Ugly White Trash because I'm in their yard?

The Pink Flamingo goes way back and has been on many lawns all over the world. The pink flamingo lawn ornament was invented in the same decade that polyester pants, pink washing machines, vinyl wallpaper and Naugahyde lounge chairs were cool.
Don Featherstone is the creator of this Pink Plastic Bird so, thanks to him for giving me a BEAUTIFUL decor, that I absolutly love!

There is nothing UGLY about a Pink
Flamingo. She is long, slender and PINK, loves her mate and offsprings. Even to the point she has her own calling technique to call her young, before they are even born her babies know who she is...

This is why I pick the name "The Pink Flamingo" to call my blog and business. I see nothing wrong with anyone, anything and there is no JUNK that can't be transformed into something beautiful...EVERYTHING has a purpose.

Lady Gaga says it best in her song, Born This Way... I believe and live by that everyday.

You should too!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mirror Magic


This is an old mirror. Didn't know what to really do with it but thanks to a little elmers glue and cut outs from old magazines it now is one of my favorites..Adds just the right touch to my bedroom.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Newest Project


It's the beginning of something I love doing. It's kind of rough around the edges but hey, I just got back in to this...HEHEHE
Practice mkes perfect, right?

Anyhoo hope you enjoy!